Welcome to TantricPractice.com, a blog created by Dr Arthur Tjandra to propagate Buddha Dharma and to relate his personal experience and the wealth of knowledge he has gained through practicing Tantric Buddhism since the early 1990s. Prior to 1990, Dr Arthur Tjandra was “schooled” in the Theravada tradition and practiced Mahayana tradition of Buddhism.

Although Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s practice is heavily influenced by the Kagyu lineage of Tantric Buddhism practice, he also practices the teachings from the other 3 main schools (Nyingma, Sakya and Geluk-pa), as well as Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism. He learned such “holistic” practice from his guru, Grand Master Lu Sheng Yen, who founded the True Buddha School tradition, back in the 1980s. This blog, however, does not aim to go into the details of practice, as in the practice of Tantric Buddhism, a student is required to receive initiation and empowerment from a Guru. Each Guru teaches his own practice and rituals, which are specific to his own lineage. A practitioner should seek his own Guru from whom he receives initiation and instruction on how to practice based on this lineage. A practitioner should not practice based on what he reads on the internet. Tantric Buddhism puts great emphasis on lineage. Therefore, a Tantric practitioner should only embark on his practice after having received initiation from his Guru. While Mahayana and Theravada Buddhists take refuge in the Three Jewels, Tantric Buddhism places even greater emphasis on the role of a Guru, because the Guru is seen as an embodiment of the Three Jewels.